Fringe Grass

For many golf course owners, fringe grass is often an afterthought that comes after the greens and fairways, yet a beautifully maintained and manicured fringe grass is just as essential.

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The importance of fringe grass is readily apparent when a golfer drives the ball right onto the green, and the fringe grass doesn’t slow it down at all. In order to create the ultimate golfing experience you want every part of your golf course to work as designed, with EnvyLawn and our team of experts and superior products your golf course will deliver a beautiful golfing experience consistently day after day.

Fringe Grass Purpose

You’ve probably used the fringe on the golf course or seen sections of longer grass, serving its purpose to provide a barrier and offering the function of guiding or even slowing golf balls. 

Fringe grass, which is also often known simply as the fringe or apron (some golfers call it “frog hair”), refers to the slightly taller grass that surrounds and adjoins the putting green. For the experts, they know that this type of grass is taller by design and that it plays an important role in the game of golf. Further, fringe grass helps to keep the golf ball from slowing down if it heads towards the greenway, but it’s also essential to putting. The fringe is often the saving grace for many golfers that may putt or chip too hard. The rough grass slows the ball down, helping to guide it and keep it where it’s supposed to and, most importantly, makes the ball roll predictably.

Not having the right fringe grass can affect the performance of your entire green. If you have to mow your greens, keeping the fringe grass at the right length is a daily struggle. Choosing artificial fringe grass is a low-maintenance option. You only have to pick out the right grass for you one time, and it remains at the perfect length forever.

Why Choose EnvyLawn for Your Fringe Grass?

EnvyLawn is a top producer of premium artificial fringe grass for everything from backyard putting greens to commercial golf courses. We put the same amount of thought and technology into our fringe grass as we do our putting greens because we believe they are just as vital.

Upon installation our putting fringe grass will always be at the correct length relative to the green since it never needs to be trimmed. We believe that the beauty and functionality of our artificial grass turf can convince even the most die-hard natural grass fans of the superiority of our synthetic golf products. Both our golf greens and our golf fringe grass roll more predictably than traditional grass and require much less maintenance.

Unlike traditional grass, there’s no guesswork or worry about whether or not your EnvyLawn grass is getting the correct amount of water, mowing, or aeration. All of these optimal features are strategically built into the grass, so all you have to do is have it installed by our team of experts and the rest takes care of itself.  Once installed, our artificial grass  needs limited maintenance and is beautiful year-round. 

We have been investing in artificial turf technology for over 30 years now, and we know our customers, the golf industry, as well as the players perspective. If you’re in the market for fringe grass that is always at the correct height, is durable and long lasting, get in touch with us today. We can work together to choose the right fringe grass and have it installed promptly.


  • Durable adherence that will not shift underfoot regardless of weight or traffic
  • More realistic look and flow to the course
  • Variant synthetic grass blades providing PGA course worthy ball slowing and roll
  • Quick draining during rain and dries within moments once rainfall stops
  • Flow through backing system allows for quick rainfall drainage to more quickly clear your putting green of water accumulation
  • Water dissipation and drainage rates: 
    • ASTM f1551
    • 400+ Inches/Hour
    • 15.0 Sec/6” Zone
    • 134.7 Gal/min/yd2
  • Enhances the beauty of any course with true fringe grass and natural coloring 
  • The natural looking blend of our synthetic fringe grass compliments your putting green surface
  • Longer blades of fringe grass requires minimum maintenance while enhancing the overall look of your golf course and putting greens
  • Takes the look of your golf course and putting greens to a more professional look and brings the luxury of a high end golf course to you in your very own backyard
  • For safety our fringe grass carries a nylon fire rating of ASTM D2859
  • Beautiful innovative nylon two-tone color
  • Pleasing aesthetics in both look and feel with our ultra-realistic blends


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